RiftStory is a site devoted to covering League of Legends content with the history of the sport and the players in mind. Expect in-depth profiles of player champion pools/playstyles, teams’ tendencies in Best of series, and more.

We’re big fans of the LoL Esports scene and the game itself. After being a part of the lol.esportswikis website, we knew we had to continue to stay involved in some other way since the site’s owners decided to let go of it’s staff. We primarily follow NA and EU LCS with high-profile matches from LCK or LPL in the mix, and all international tournaments.

Photo Credits go to LoL Esports Flickr. Please support their work!

RiftStory is my personal blog where I will publish my thoughts on topics I think need a little more explanation than I can provide on twitter and also to help me work through complex dissecting of my own perspective on things.

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